642 Things to Write About, a book I purchased in the “interesting stuff” section of the neighborhood Anthropology. The first thing I’ve ever bought at that store!

Number 1

What Can Happen in a Second?

Brain set to – GO!

-Text Messages: All and any forms of a Text message only take a second to send once the button is pushed. We have all sent the hey messages that simply mean i’m here and talk you me. My favorite is hey you, which has an undertone of sarcasm or favoritism especially when accompanied with a colon-dash-parenthesis. The paralyzing ones are my favorite as well. Such an adrenaline rush just by pushing a button. the ones that expose and propose and cause change. I’ve had my share of those, but recently I am missing the sting. It also only takes a second to read the one-worders, which brings me to my next answer…

-How long it can take for a Women to change her Mind.

-Credit Card Charges: for example it only took me a second to swipe my emergency credit card to purchase this book that I so desperately thought I needed to help me post content on this blog.

-Taking a Wrong Step/Turn: America’s Funniest Home Video’s thrives off this law of physics.

– Turning a light on or off

-Cracking a Smile.

– First Impressions

-Breaking fragile objects


-Taking a Picture: The seconds we capture with photographs amaze me. Here are a couple for your amusement!

Split Second


Stay tuned for the inner working of my mind and the other 641 topics!


Disclaimer: at least three guilty pleasures are being fulfilled with the making of this blog post. enjoy

Its October! arguably one of my favorite months out of the year for many reasons; Scary movies invade the theaters, it marks the beginning of fall and all of the other holidays to follow, its sweater weather all day long, everything is made with pumpkin, and Abcfamily starts their annual harry potter movie marathon! So, today out of pure BOREDOM and desire to learn how to be a better cook, i have decided to attempt to create a harry potter inspired october dessert.  The pumpkin pasty!!!!!

Now here is where it gets interesting. i keyword of that last sentence was “attempt”. i have been know to burn things very regularly when i go on creative cooking EXHIBITIONS, yet i brush it off and set my mind on another project.

Here is the RECIPE i will be following.


FIRST OFF WHAT IS A PASTY (PRONOUNCED PAST-E):a folded pastry case with a SAVORY filling, typically of seasoned meat and vegetables. – COurtesy of Google


Step One: PUt all the ingredients into a modern day cauldron.  Image


STEP TWO: Bake orange potion for an hour.Image

STep THree: Roll out pie crust and cut out little circles. a large glass does wonders for improvising an actual cookie cutter and a wooden roller…



Step Four: fold dough circles to look like such. and bake for 10 more minuets.Image

Step five: instagram artsy pictures of your new creations whether or not they taste good because you want your friends to think your crafty and good in the kitchen. Image

Overall impression: on a scale from polyjuice potion to chocolate frogs, i’d say these range around Bertie Bott’s Every flavor beans. One accomplishment today – nothing got burnt!

Leave a comment if you think this was fun? I may use blogging as a way to experiment in the kitchen, maybe not. Let me know your thoughts!




Airports: You’re Thinking It Too….

I hate to say that I have fallen into the stereotypical genre that is our youth in the 21st century; “The face down generation” we’ve been called by one of my science fiction addicted film teachers.

I hate the fact that I am at the airport waiting on a delayed flight home, sitting on the gross tile floor next to the ONLY open outlet in the WHOLE terminal just to charge my iPhone. Is this what technology has done to me? Turned me into one of those people?!

Okay, admittedly I wouldn’t have fallen victim of hypocrisy if my flight wasn’t delayed in the first place – I have to text my dad about the additional delay – OR if I hadn’t planned on reading Pride & Prejudice on my Kindle app as my one source of decent entertainment on this long two hour flight…

Never the less, here I am.

There are some strange people that come through LAX Southwest; granted the world is make of more strange people than normal ones and they all tend to gravitate towards Los Angeles. Maybe the normal ones are looking at me right now, squatting by the entrance to the men’s restroom, and thinking i’m a strange one.

And then I like to imagine there is always that one tall, edgy boy who sees me and thinks: Wow, a young and beautiful girl writing in a notebook instead of being on her phone?! I bet she’s super indie and listens to music like The Beatles or The Smiths and yadi yadi blah blah…. When in reality, all he is thinking is ah too bad she’s caught the weird.

Or nobody notices me and just walks by in their own little world, which is the most likely.

At time like this when there is so much public action going on, but I seem to be more reserved then ever, my brain starts to have conversations with itself. often it tries to play Sherlock Holmes and guess everyone’s back stories and destinations. I have always thought that any TV series based off of the stories of people who pass through the airport would be a hit.

Phone 20% charged – Plane Boarding


The Monster

The picture below expresses exactly what my day was like today…. Enjoy 😁


Not Looking Back!

Not Looking Back!

Graduated today with a BFA in Dance Theatre! Our wonderfully entertaining guest speaker, Natalie Zea, didn’t hold her breathe in letting us know that the road will be full of rejection and hard ships, but if we stuck through all of the bullshit, then maybe just maybe we would get the chance to name drop in front of a group of future graduates like she did today!

Gah! I felt all of the emoji’s today!


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