Airports: You’re Thinking It Too….

I hate to say that I have fallen into the stereotypical genre that is our youth in the 21st century; “The face down generation” we’ve been called by one of my science fiction addicted film teachers.

I hate the fact that I am at the airport waiting on a delayed flight home, sitting on the gross tile floor next to the ONLY open outlet in the WHOLE terminal just to charge my iPhone. Is this what technology has done to me? Turned me into one of those people?!

Okay, admittedly I wouldn’t have fallen victim of hypocrisy if my flight wasn’t delayed in the first place – I have to text my dad about the additional delay – OR if I hadn’t planned on reading Pride & Prejudice on my Kindle app as my one source of decent entertainment on this long two hour flight…

Never the less, here I am.

There are some strange people that come through LAX Southwest; granted the world is make of more strange people than normal ones and they all tend to gravitate towards Los Angeles. Maybe the normal ones are looking at me right now, squatting by the entrance to the men’s restroom, and thinking i’m a strange one.

And then I like to imagine there is always that one tall, edgy boy who sees me and thinks: Wow, a young and beautiful girl writing in a notebook instead of being on her phone?! I bet she’s super indie and listens to music like The Beatles or The Smiths and yadi yadi blah blah…. When in reality, all he is thinking is ah too bad she’s caught the weird.

Or nobody notices me and just walks by in their own little world, which is the most likely.

At time like this when there is so much public action going on, but I seem to be more reserved then ever, my brain starts to have conversations with itself. often it tries to play Sherlock Holmes and guess everyone’s back stories and destinations. I have always thought that any TV series based off of the stories of people who pass through the airport would be a hit.

Phone 20% charged – Plane Boarding



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